The Best Countries in the World in Rowing

Niche sports which are not as popular as mainstream ones, such as rowing, for example, never get as much attention from the media. Well, they do not, until the Olympic Games. Then, all the niche sports get much more attention. International tournaments, such as the World Rowing Championships also get lots of attention. During those international tournaments, such as the WRC or the Olympic Games, even sports like rowing get attention, from both the regular crowd and the bookmakers. To promote their new sports, which are usually unavailable, bookmakers have promotions and entice punters. But once the tournaments are over, only a few bookmaker will offer betting on such a sport.

However, fans still love rowing, but for those who are only getting into rowing, one might wonder which countries in the world are the best at it?


Italy is one of the best countries when it comes to rowing. They have plenty of lakes, not to mention two seas which surround their entire country. Lake Como, for example, is a very, very popular rowing spot, one where plenty of races take place. Italians are passionate about rowing, though not as much as they are about football, understandably so.

The United States

Over the past hundred years, the United States have earned 89 medals at the Summer Olympic Games. That is a lot of medals. There are plenty of races in the US, some of the most notable ones are on the river Charles in Massachusetts. The United States keep showing up at almost every Olympic Games when it comes to rowing.

Great Britain

Great Britain, or the UK, also has a lot of medals, 69 of them. They are one of the most competitive nations in rowing. They have plenty of rivers, like the river Thames, famous for hosting one of the most prestigious rowing events, the Henley Royal Regatta. Other than that, the entire country is full of rivers and lakes, they even have a Lake District, which is a lot of lakes and rivers really close to one another.


Germany currently has 51 medals. This is a lot, but, if you look at the past, while Germany was divided into East and West Germany, they would have been at the top of the table, with 113 medals. East Germany was highly competitive and has 48 medals, while West Germany has 14. If you combine all of those medals, then Germany would definitely be the best country when it comes to rowing.


Romania is very interesting, because while having less medals than some of the top competitors, sitting at 39, which is the 8th place in total medals, they have the most medals per single athlete. In the first top ten multi medalist list, 5 of those are Romanian, and three are in the top 4, the first one having 8 medals, 5 of them gold ones.

These are the best countries in the world in rowing.

The Biggest Rowing Events in 2019

Every new year brings about a ton of events and tournaments. Some events are more popular than others, for example the UEFA Champions League, often getting the most viewers, at least in Europe. Other events are less popular, but still have a very demanding and passionate audience. Rowing is also a sport, one of the Olympic sports and it has its own fair share of events, some of which are scheduled for 2019.

Fans of rowing are looking forward to these events, as well as bookmakers. Bookmakers love major events in almost any sport, as they earn money. During those times, they often have bonus codes or other promotional offers, such as these Bet9ja offers. International events are the biggest attraction, in rowing and other sports.

Here are the rowing events to look forward to in 2019.

2019 World Rowing Cup

The World Rowing Cup is a very different event to the World Championship. Oh, they are held annually, yet they are held in different parts of the season.

The World Rowing Cup is a regatta which is split into three distinct events. Each of the three events is held at a different place and time. The events will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, then Poznan, Poland and finally, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The World Rowing Cup gets each of the first 7 places a certain number of points. At the end of all three regattas, the country with the most points is crowned the World Rowing Cup champion. This style is similar to what cycling Grand Tours are like, where points are scored over time, and not just for a single event and participation.

Speaking of events, or in this case, disciplines, there are at least 14 Olympic rowing classes and a couple of international ones, as well.

2019 World Rowing Championships

If the Rowing Cup regattas are well-known, then the Championships are a step above. The Championships take place at the end of the season and represent the highest level of international rowing competition.

It is an event which lasts over eight days and is progressive. This means that rowers will progress to the finals, with sufficient rest between classes. It is notable that the event excludes Olympic classes during the Olympic year, leaving only international rowing classes. It is still the most popular rowing event in the world, other than the Olympic Games. In 2019, it will take place in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria.

2019 World Rowing Junior Championships

It is an annual event, just like the two above, but it is only for people who are under or have 18 years. It is also a progressive event, starting from heats, then leading up to the finals. The event is combined with the World Rowing Championships during the Olympic years. It consists of 13 boat classes. In 2019, the host of this event will be Tokyo, Japan.

2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships

This event is also held annually, usually near a coast. It has no lanes and specific coastal boats are raced in a triangle, rectangle or pentagon course. In order to navigate the boats, buoys are used, understandably so. This event usually takes place in October, and in 2019 it will be held in Hong Kong, China.

These are the most popular rowing events, or rather, the ones to look forward to in 2019.

Should Water Sports Become Daily Fantasy Sports?

People betting on sports often find themselves playing fantasy sports, where you get to manage and create your own team, using the funds you are given, virtual funds, of course. Then, you have the daily fantasy sports, which are a form of competition, an accelerated version of fantasy sports where you still have a certain amount of money and score points based on the players’ performance in real life.

But, the competitions last for a week or sometimes a single day. They are competitions because people earn money by playing, usually because there are entry fees involved. Sportsbooks, especially online sportsbooks, often organize these events. They frequently offer fantasy sports promo codes, to get people to join their ranks and look at the other sports they are offering, some traditional sports betting.

Many people think that water sports should become a daily fantasy sport. There are both arguments for and against this.

Water Sports are Actually Popular

Countries that have ocean and sea access are often the ones which practice water sports. That is a lot of countries, and some of the are really good at water sports, most often the island countries. These countries would benefit from water sports becoming daily fantasy sport as many more people would start playing. This would also benefit the people of other countries, where water sports are not as popular, or are considered niche, but which still have passionate fan bases.

Water Sports Competitions are Entertaining

Water sports competitions and tournaments usually have different events and different disciplines, whether swimming or kayaking or even windsurfing, not to mention boat races. What this means is that there are plenty of things to use in daily fantasy sports, as there will be many disciplines and styles of water sports, not to mention competitors and things which can earn people points.

Even though there are some valid reasons as to why water sports shouldn’t be included as daily fantasy sports.

There are Too Many Water Sports

This is true, that there are far too many water sports and adding one as a daily sport would mean having to add others, as the sportsbook offering that single sport would probably get a backlash from the community. But, if you want to add so many sports, you would have to organize and regulate them all and that would mean investing a lot of time and money and most likely ending up losing money due to such a small target audience.

There are plenty of reasons why water sports should be included as daily fantasy sports and a couple which state otherwise. Whether they will be included remains to be seen and time can only tell.

3 Most Important Rowing Competitions You Shouldn’t Miss

Rowing has been around since the time of ancient Egypt and has evolved from being a means of transportation to modern sporting competitions we have today. Rowing involves a boat and typically wooden oars that are designed to propel the boat across still waters. The rules of deciding a winner in a boat race are simple. The boat that passes the finishing line first is declared a winner.

Numerous competitions across the globe have captivated the audiences that are now hurling to casinos to place their wagers on some of the iconic rowing races and explore the gambling options. The players can also opt for online bookmakers and be surprised by the welcoming bonuses they offer, such as the welcome bonus at William Hill.

We are going to focus on some of the most important and celebrated competitions that you can’t afford to miss.

The Boat Race

One of the most spectacular of all of the rowing races is the annual race between Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, commonly referred to as The Boat Race. The race takes place on the River Thames over a 6.8 km stretch which is divergent from the 2 km standard runs.

The members of both Boat Clubs have been going at it since 1856, and from 1927, the women’s team joined the race considered to be one of the oldest rowing competitions. Since there are a lot of different forms of rowing teams and tracks, the eight-oar boats with coxswain, a person who steers the vessel, is the chosen form. What speaks of its importance and popularity is that, on average, more than 250,000 people watch the race from the banks of the Thames, with more than 10 million watching on television.

Henley Royal Regatta

Henley Royal Regatta is an annual rowing event that spans over four days and is held on the River Thames, at Henley-on-Thames, hence the name. Ever since Prince Albert became its patron in 1851, the regatta bears ‘Royal’ in its prefix. The distance of the race is 2,100 m and probably the most important of them all is the Grand Challenge Cup, an eight-oar race that attracts the best eights in the world. Nothing less interesting is The Diamond Challenge Sculls, a single man scull race where one man uses two oars to propel the boat.

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are the world’s largest sporting competitions wherein all premier athletes flock to demonstrate their skills and reap the rewards of their gruelling training, and rowing is no different. Top individuals and teams have been coming to showcase their talents ever since the inception of the Olympics. The women rowing teams made their debut in 1976, at the games in Montreal. Men compete in 8 categories, whereas women compete in 6, depending on whether it is a team or an individual event.


Even though rowing won’t brag about having as big of a fan base as that of football or basketball, its unique characteristics and the competitive edge of teams is something to cast an eye on. Rowing has a great history and tradition that are inviting you to take part in some of the significant events staged throughout the world.

Blockchain Technology – Will it Affect Rowing?

Rowing is a sport which, as any other sport, is affected by the changes in technology. Primarily speaking, as technology advances, so do the possibilities of using it. Whether profit or marketing or brand building, establishing a fan base and communicating with them, it definitely becomes easier with technology.

Blockchain technology and its latest boom involves a lot of sports, but more specifically bookmakers. Various online bookmakers brag with layer of added security and the safety of your data and card. With the use of cryptocurrencies, however, you would get a decentralized and safe environment, both for your money and your data. Nothing could be accessed without a lot of computing power.

A good example of an online bookmaker who benefited from the blockchain rise is FansUnite social sportsbook.

Will this change in technology affect rowing? Absolutely, but that effect will not be limited to rowing, only. Here is how sports will be affected by the rise of cryptocurrencies.

The Safety of Data

The essentials of a blockchain mean that any data stored in a ledger would have to be approved first. Seeing how it is stored in a network, a decentralized one, at that, and not on just one or two servers, it means that it would be much safer. Servers are more likely to lose data than an entire network, but that is not the only reason for the existence of better security features.

Given how everything is in a network, a decentralized system, hacking a ledger and changing data in a blockchain is next to impossible. On a theoretical level, it is possible but would require tremendous amounts of computing power. In practice, that is highly unlikely to happen.

This benefits any sport as sensitive data can easily be stored and accessed when necessary and if approved by those authorized to access the data.

This also means that records related to health and doping tests of athletes would also be included, yet the sender would never be compromised. This is both good for protecting the clean athletes and exposing those who cross the line.

Data Crunching and Statistics

Statistics are an essential part of sports, especially sports betting. Any and all data gathered on a player or team is beneficial to the bettor. Likewise, the upcoming athletes could use the data behind a professional’s training schedule or eating and sleeping habits. All of those things could easily be organized with using blockchain technology.

Additionally, sensitive data like results and race statistics could directly be uploaded to a ledger if they pass certain checks like whether the data was taken by a verified device. This also means less opportunities to alter the data.

Betting – A Bookmaker’s Dream

Many online bookmakers accept Bitcoin today. That is not the same as having your entire site and deposit/withdrawal system handled by a blockchain. The blockchain would make transactions much safer and your data as a punter, much safer. Your money would also be quite safe, no doubt about that.

There are a couple of startups and projects aiming to implement blockchain technology and use it to its fullest potential, adding more security and knowing that your transactions would be safe, as well as all of your data.

All of these are things that are yet to be implemented fully and injected into the world of sports. Sports are probably the slowest to adapt the blockchain technology and use it as one of the standards or have it primarily take over as the main method of storing data.

Sports in general, will likely be changed a bit in the years to come.

Brief Guide to Betting on Rowing

Sports enthusiasts from the USA have reason to rejoice, as online betting has become legal in several states across the country. As the epicenter of legal sports betting in the US, New Jersey will be home to the first online casinos, such as 888Sport New Jersey, which will launch soon and will have appealing offers for new customers.

Betting fans will be able to wager on almost any kind of sport, including rowing. Even though it’s not as popular as, let’s say, football, rowing still has a huge following considering it’s one of the oldest sports at the Olympic Games.

Betting on rowing is especially popular among bettors in Europe, but US gamblers are slowly warming up to it as well. The most important event rowing fans can bet on is the Summer Olympic games, but bookmakers also offer betting odds for other popular races like the World and European Championships. However, it would be a lie to say that the number of bets is high; the truth is bookmakers limit themselves to the events mentioned above.

How to bet on rowing

As for any other sport, first of all you have to create an account with the bookmaker of your choice, make a deposit and search for the rowing category in the options menu. If you are a seasoned bettor, you already know the drill, so we won’t dwell on this.

What we do want to mention are some tips that could help you improve your betting strategy. The most important thing you should take into account before making bets on rowing is that you have to do some research and gain some knowledge on the squad of rowers that take part in an event.

The aspects you should look out for include the current form of the athletes, statistics, age, the kind of training they’ve been doing and the team’s objectives. Then, you should pay attention to the competition type, as the more prestigious the competition, the bigger the prize pool and the higher the rowers’ motivation.  

Another aspect worth taking into consideration is the atmosphere in the team, how sportsmen are getting along, as rowing is a sport that requires cooperation and any tension inside the team might affect their performance.

Types of bets on rowing

The most popular are the bets on the winner, and punters have to accurately pick the rowers or the team that will win a certain race or the whole competition.  

Bets 1-3 is another type of rowing bet in which punters have to predict the athletes that will end up on the first three places, irrespective of the order.

H2H bets are those in which the bookmakers ask bettors to guess the rowers or squads that will rank higher in the classification.

Top Five Parts of Necessary Rowing Equipment for Beginners

Since its first appearance in Ancient Egypt, rowing has become more and more popular. It is a very difficult sport that includes a lot of effort and coordination. However, this makes it even more interesting to watch and participate in.

For those who are rowing enthusiasts, the rowing gear necessary for successful rowing comes as no surprise. However, for those who start rowing for the first time, it is necessary to get informed on the rowing equipment to prevent any unexpected situations and incidents.

In the following paragraphs, we will present the necessary gear for competitive and recreational rowing.


The first thing necessary for successful rowing is the specially designed boat. This rowing boat is designed in a way to reduce the drag to a minimum level and to make the boat run faster. A fin is usually connected towards the rear, as well. Depending on the number of rowing players or according to the position of coxswain there are different kinds of rowing boats. Some rowing boats can have up to 8 rowers on a boat, while some have just one. In addition, there are rowing boats with a coxswain and those without it. There are many types of rowing boats, for example, sculling types of boats, queeps, troops and coxed troops, and many others. So before you start rowing, get a boat.


Oars are essential for rowing. You can not move the boat without oars. You use the oars to push them against the water and thus move the boat. Oars vary in size and depend on the type of the boat itself. They have a flat surface and finish in the end. The end of the oar which goes into the water is called the spoon. The spoon is usually painted in the colors of a rowing club and it can vary in shape depending on the type of boat.


Not all boats have fixed seats. While some have it, others have the so-called sliding seats. Sliding seats are very useful because they can move backward and forwards in order to enable rowers greater movement.

Riggers are located at each side of the seat. Their task is to support the pivot to hold the oar out from the side of the boat.


Some boats have coxes’ seat while others do not. Coxes’ seat is placed either in the front of the boat or in the back of the boat with the purpose to instruct the crew and look out for the potential dangers.


The artificial tank that mimics the actual rowing tournament conditions is called the rowing tank. For the competitive rowers, it is important to prepare and practice. For that reason, they use rowing tanks to get the feeling of the stream of the water before the season of tournaments. In addition, these rowing tanks are also very important for beginners because beginner rowers are trained in the rowing tanks. Get yourself a rowing tank to prepare better.


Rowing boats have fixed shoes. The purpose of these fixed shoes is to provide a firm and stable base for rowing. Rowers attach their feet to the boat by putting their feet inside those shoes which helps them compete better.

Rowing and All Its Good Sides

Rowing is a sport that dates back from Ancient Egypt. It is a sport where we use oars pushed against the water in order to move the boat. It is a very difficult sport that requires strength and stamina as long as high concentration and good organization. Rowing can be done with one person only or in a pair. Many people do rowing in a team of four, six or even eight. Whatever you like it is good for you and your health. Lots of teamwork is required lots of strength and exercise. However, nothing can replace the adrenaline you feel while rowing.

For those who have never crossed their path with rowing, it is very difficult to imagine why rowing is good and why they should take up rowing. Many of them say that is is a sport where you use only your hands and if you want to just use your hands. However, this is a wrong opinion. It is a sport where you use all your muscles and you need your whole strength. Just think about it, the aim is to move a boat with you inside it. For that reason, in the following paragraphs, we will explore the benefits of rowing and what you need to start up rowing.



When it comes to sport, the first benefit we talk about is always the health benefit. Nothing is more important than health, especially when we think about the modern times we live in when we do not have the time for any healthy activity. Rowing is a sport that uses all your muscles. Your feet are fixed in the shoes attached to the boat, however, your legs can move. They need to be the strong base for the other parts of your body. In addition, while you move your arms, you move your waists as well. Your whole body needs to work in order for you to move the boat and compete. A lot of strength is needed for rowing, and the more strength we use and the more practice we have, the better health we get.


Working in a team has many benefits for our mental health. Firstly, it is very difficult to work with people, each of the people in a team is different with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It needs a lot of tolerance, appreciation, and respect to be able to work for the same goal with all these people. While rowing you learn how to get along with various people in order to reach for the goal. In addition, you build confidence. You become more mature and you learn how to rely on others and how to let others rely on you. Rowing builds character where nothing matters. The only thing that matters is to reach the goal.


Go to a rowing club, listen to their instructions and get the necessary equipment. Be patient and tolerant and relax, you will enjoy every single moment of it.

Top Ten Olympic Rowers of All Time

When we mention sports, the first thing that crosses the mind of the majority of people is basketball, football, tennis, and others. Not many people actually think of rowing, and we believe that not many people know what rowing actually is.

Rowing is a competitive sport that involves driving, propelling a boat by pushing against the water with an oar and thus moving the boat itself. The sport itself originates in Ancient Egypt, and the type of modern sport we know today originates in the early 10th century. In London, on the River Thames, professional watermen held competitive races. Competitive boat clubs appeared in the 18th century and paved the way to the modern rowing.

Nowadays, rowing has become so popular that every day new rowing enthusiasts appear eager to enjoy the sport and participate in it. The growing popularity of rowing is contributed to the fact that rowing is actually an Olympic sport, and many great rowers have risen to stardom after the Olympic Games.

In the following paragraphs, we will present the list of the top ten Olympic rowers of all times.



Sir Steve Redgrave, aged 56, is a famous Olympic rower from the United Kingdom. From 1984 to 2000 he won five Olympic Games thus becoming the only man rower to have won five gold medals!


Mahe Drysdale is our top two on the list. At the age of 38, he is the current Olympic championship! Even though he comes from Seychelles, he plays for New Zealand.


Sir Matthew Pinsent comes from England and at the age of 48, he takes our third place on the list of top Olympic Rowers of all times. He won four gold Olympic medals, three of which in the partnership with our number one Sir Steve Redgrave.


Number four on our list goes to Olaf Tufte from Norway who won gold medals on 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics.


The fifth best Olympic rower of all times is Elisabeta Lipa from Romania. Elisabeta Lipa is the woman who won many medals at the Olympic Games. She won five gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal. Quite impressive!


James Cracknell comes from Britain, he is a rower, a politician and a father of three. He won two gold Olympic medals and thus deserves to be among the top rowers.


Juri Janson comes from Estonia and has won two silver medal at the Olympic Games.


Doina Ignat is another female rower from Romania who won six Olympic medals throughout her rowing days.


Georgina Earl from New Zealand is a double gold Olympic champion!


Greg Searle is a British rower aged 45 and one of the best Olympic rowers ever!