VR Rowing – Can It Be Done?

Virtual reality has made its way into many a home in the form of games and improved video-watching experience. Some things seem perfect for the world online, like games, anonymous forum discussions, and the bet365 bonus. Because of this, it is hard to imagine VR as something that helps us learn a skill, like rowing. Hard, but not impossible. Let us examine the issue further and see whether it is truly possible to combine fitness and VR.


A startup named Holodia has come up with a way to make exercising more fun. They have created a product called HOLOFIT, which is, essentially, a setup that lets you use the gym machines with VR equipment. This means that you can row your boat gently down the stream – literally.

You can row, run, or ride a bike in a plethora of environments. That way, you are not only maintaining your fitness level, but also making sure you stick to your exercise program.

Runtastic for Working out Indoors

Runtastic is another company that is bringing fitness and VR together. The excruciatingly dull calisthenics can now be done indoors with a twist via VR. Imagine a virtual coach or teammate exercising with you. You will get all of the benefits of going to the gym without leaving your room.

Why, Though?

One of the questions people might ask at this prospect is why bother in the first place? If you want to exercise, shouldn’t you be able to travel to the gym, the rowing club, the bicycle track, the hiking trail or whatever it is you are looking for and just work on your body and fitness?

The truth is that we are currently in the age of gratification. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it shows us that we have to be able to keep up with the times and satisfy the needs of the market. This is simply the next logical step. If you enjoy a sedentary lifestyle due to the fact that your work and entertainment have you pinned in front of a computer screen, it stands to reason that you try and pick up physical skills with a virtual reward like in other aspects of your life.

How Much?

This technology is just now becoming commercial, which means that it is ridiculously expensive and yet to be made for the everyman. The Holodia rowing setup, for example, costs around $14,000 and it delivers only to the countries that are a part of EU. Is it possible to learn how to row via VR? Definitely. Is it worth it? Not yet. We are sure that this is just the beginning of virtual movements and experiences.

The Best Countries in the World in Rowing

Niche sports which are not as popular as mainstream ones, such as rowing, for example, never get as much attention from the media. Well, they do not, until the Olympic Games. Then, all the niche sports get much more attention. International tournaments, such as the World Rowing Championships also get lots of attention. During those international tournaments, such as the WRC or the Olympic Games, even sports like rowing get attention, from both the regular crowd and the bookmakers. To promote their new sports, which are usually unavailable, bookmakers have promotions and entice punters. But once the tournaments are over, only a few bookmaker will offer betting on such a sport.

However, fans still love rowing, but for those who are only getting into rowing, one might wonder which countries in the world are the best at it?


Italy is one of the best countries when it comes to rowing. They have plenty of lakes, not to mention two seas which surround their entire country. Lake Como, for example, is a very, very popular rowing spot, one where plenty of races take place. Italians are passionate about rowing, though not as much as they are about football, understandably so.

The United States

Over the past hundred years, the United States have earned 89 medals at the Summer Olympic Games. That is a lot of medals. There are plenty of races in the US, some of the most notable ones are on the river Charles in Massachusetts. The United States keep showing up at almost every Olympic Games when it comes to rowing.

Great Britain

Great Britain, or the UK, also has a lot of medals, 69 of them. They are one of the most competitive nations in rowing. They have plenty of rivers, like the river Thames, famous for hosting one of the most prestigious rowing events, the Henley Royal Regatta. Other than that, the entire country is full of rivers and lakes, they even have a Lake District, which is a lot of lakes and rivers really close to one another.


Germany currently has 51 medals. This is a lot, but, if you look at the past, while Germany was divided into East and West Germany, they would have been at the top of the table, with 113 medals. East Germany was highly competitive and has 48 medals, while West Germany has 14. If you combine all of those medals, then Germany would definitely be the best country when it comes to rowing.


Romania is very interesting, because while having less medals than some of the top competitors, sitting at 39, which is the 8th place in total medals, they have the most medals per single athlete. In the first top ten multi medalist list, 5 of those are Romanian, and three are in the top 4, the first one having 8 medals, 5 of them gold ones.

These are the best countries in the world in rowing.

The Biggest Rowing Events in 2019

Every new year brings about a ton of events and tournaments. Some events are more popular than others, for example the UEFA Champions League, often getting the most viewers, at least in Europe. Other events are less popular, but still have a very demanding and passionate audience. Rowing is also a sport, one of the Olympic sports and it has its own fair share of events, some of which are scheduled for 2019.

Fans of rowing are looking forward to these events, as well as bookmakers. Bookmakers love major events in almost any sport, as they earn money. During those times, they often have bonus codes or other promotional offers, such as these Bet9ja offers. International events are the biggest attraction, in rowing and other sports.

Here are the rowing events to look forward to in 2019.

2019 World Rowing Cup

The World Rowing Cup is a very different event to the World Championship. Oh, they are held annually, yet they are held in different parts of the season.

The World Rowing Cup is a regatta which is split into three distinct events. Each of the three events is held at a different place and time. The events will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, then Poznan, Poland and finally, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The World Rowing Cup gets each of the first 7 places a certain number of points. At the end of all three regattas, the country with the most points is crowned the World Rowing Cup champion. This style is similar to what cycling Grand Tours are like, where points are scored over time, and not just for a single event and participation.

Speaking of events, or in this case, disciplines, there are at least 14 Olympic rowing classes and a couple of international ones, as well.

2019 World Rowing Championships

If the Rowing Cup regattas are well-known, then the Championships are a step above. The Championships take place at the end of the season and represent the highest level of international rowing competition.

It is an event which lasts over eight days and is progressive. This means that rowers will progress to the finals, with sufficient rest between classes. It is notable that the event excludes Olympic classes during the Olympic year, leaving only international rowing classes. It is still the most popular rowing event in the world, other than the Olympic Games. In 2019, it will take place in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria.

2019 World Rowing Junior Championships

It is an annual event, just like the two above, but it is only for people who are under or have 18 years. It is also a progressive event, starting from heats, then leading up to the finals. The event is combined with the World Rowing Championships during the Olympic years. It consists of 13 boat classes. In 2019, the host of this event will be Tokyo, Japan.

2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships

This event is also held annually, usually near a coast. It has no lanes and specific coastal boats are raced in a triangle, rectangle or pentagon course. In order to navigate the boats, buoys are used, understandably so. This event usually takes place in October, and in 2019 it will be held in Hong Kong, China.

These are the most popular rowing events, or rather, the ones to look forward to in 2019.

The Best Rowing Destinations Around the World

Rowing is a very popular sport and while it might never reach the levels of popularity of football or cricket, it is still a sport which many people enjoy watching or practicing. For those who love to get their feet and arms wet, and are tired of their own nearby rivers and lakes, there are plenty of great destinations all over the world, which are regarded as a rower’s paradise. Here are those destinations.

The River Thames

The river Thames is a very popular destination for rowers, especially those who prefer professional-style competitions to rowing for pleasure. This is a legendary river, and hosts one of the most prestigious rowing events, the Henley Royal Regatta. It is a difficult course and has loads of spectators, which is not something you can say for every race, particularly due to some courses being much longer than others. For those who want to get away from the fame of the river Thames, going to the Lake District would be a much more tranquil experience, depending on the time of the year, of course.

Lake Lugano

Switzerland is a land of beauty. Lake Lugano is a wonderful lake which is also a prime rowing destination. As its name might suggest, it is near the Italian-Swiss border. Lugano does not sound like a German word. The lake actually divides the two countries and offers the best of both world, meaning that you can experience both cultures in one trip. The lake is surrounded by the Alps, which are more than just beautiful.

Lago di Como (Lake Como)

Lake Como is actually very near Lake Lugano, except it is completely in Italy. It is one of the most popular rowing destinations and tourists destinations, in general. The lake offers views of anything from lovely architecture, including small villages and the Alps, of course. Lake Como is also a place where professional rowing events take place, meaning that it could be used as a practice ground. It is worth noting that Lake Lugano is about 5 kilometers away from Lake Como, which is amazing if one wants to visit both the iconic lakes.

The Maldives

The Maldives offer a lot to anyone interested in water and beauty. There are over 26 islands which a person can visit and all of them are surrounded with beautiful scenery. Situated in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives can be a great destination for people in need of relaxation. Even though FISA brought rowing to the Maldives, since it is not that popular, it is still an amazing destination for people who are in need of exotic sceneries.

These are but some of the most notable destinations in the world, for a rower to visit. Among others, you should visit the Three Sisters in Ireland or the Charles River in Boston. Whether you choose to visit Europe, the United States or explore the vast rivers of Asia and South America, you will likely find amazing waters and sceneries, not to mention challenges.

Should Water Sports Become Daily Fantasy Sports?

People betting on sports often find themselves playing fantasy sports, where you get to manage and create your own team, using the funds you are given, virtual funds, of course. Then, you have the daily fantasy sports, which are a form of competition, an accelerated version of fantasy sports where you still have a certain amount of money and score points based on the players’ performance in real life.

But, the competitions last for a week or sometimes a single day. They are competitions because people earn money by playing, usually because there are entry fees involved. Sportsbooks, especially online sportsbooks, often organize these events. They frequently offer fantasy sports promo codes, to get people to join their ranks and look at the other sports they are offering, some traditional sports betting.

Many people think that water sports should become a daily fantasy sport. There are both arguments for and against this.

Water Sports are Actually Popular

Countries that have ocean and sea access are often the ones which practice water sports. That is a lot of countries, and some of the are really good at water sports, most often the island countries. These countries would benefit from water sports becoming daily fantasy sport as many more people would start playing. This would also benefit the people of other countries, where water sports are not as popular, or are considered niche, but which still have passionate fan bases.

Water Sports Competitions are Entertaining

Water sports competitions and tournaments usually have different events and different disciplines, whether swimming or kayaking or even windsurfing, not to mention boat races. What this means is that there are plenty of things to use in daily fantasy sports, as there will be many disciplines and styles of water sports, not to mention competitors and things which can earn people points.

Even though there are some valid reasons as to why water sports shouldn’t be included as daily fantasy sports.

There are Too Many Water Sports

This is true, that there are far too many water sports and adding one as a daily sport would mean having to add others, as the sportsbook offering that single sport would probably get a backlash from the community. But, if you want to add so many sports, you would have to organize and regulate them all and that would mean investing a lot of time and money and most likely ending up losing money due to such a small target audience.

There are plenty of reasons why water sports should be included as daily fantasy sports and a couple which state otherwise. Whether they will be included remains to be seen and time can only tell.

3 Most Important Rowing Competitions You Shouldn’t Miss

Rowing has been around since the time of ancient Egypt and has evolved from being a means of transportation to modern sporting competitions we have today. Rowing involves a boat and typically wooden oars that are designed to propel the boat across still waters. The rules of deciding a winner in a boat race are simple. The boat that passes the finishing line first is declared a winner.

Numerous competitions across the globe have captivated the audiences that are now hurling to casinos to place their wagers on some of the iconic rowing races and explore the gambling options. The players can also opt for online bookmakers and be surprised by the welcoming bonuses they offer, such as the welcome bonus at William Hill.

We are going to focus on some of the most important and celebrated competitions that you can’t afford to miss.

The Boat Race

One of the most spectacular of all of the rowing races is the annual race between Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, commonly referred to as The Boat Race. The race takes place on the River Thames over a 6.8 km stretch which is divergent from the 2 km standard runs.

The members of both Boat Clubs have been going at it since 1856, and from 1927, the women’s team joined the race considered to be one of the oldest rowing competitions. Since there are a lot of different forms of rowing teams and tracks, the eight-oar boats with coxswain, a person who steers the vessel, is the chosen form. What speaks of its importance and popularity is that, on average, more than 250,000 people watch the race from the banks of the Thames, with more than 10 million watching on television.

Henley Royal Regatta

Henley Royal Regatta is an annual rowing event that spans over four days and is held on the River Thames, at Henley-on-Thames, hence the name. Ever since Prince Albert became its patron in 1851, the regatta bears ‘Royal’ in its prefix. The distance of the race is 2,100 m and probably the most important of them all is the Grand Challenge Cup, an eight-oar race that attracts the best eights in the world. Nothing less interesting is The Diamond Challenge Sculls, a single man scull race where one man uses two oars to propel the boat.

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are the world’s largest sporting competitions wherein all premier athletes flock to demonstrate their skills and reap the rewards of their gruelling training, and rowing is no different. Top individuals and teams have been coming to showcase their talents ever since the inception of the Olympics. The women rowing teams made their debut in 1976, at the games in Montreal. Men compete in 8 categories, whereas women compete in 6, depending on whether it is a team or an individual event.


Even though rowing won’t brag about having as big of a fan base as that of football or basketball, its unique characteristics and the competitive edge of teams is something to cast an eye on. Rowing has a great history and tradition that are inviting you to take part in some of the significant events staged throughout the world.

Can you Make a Lot of Money as a Professional Rower?

Professional sports can earn people money, as we know by now, watching many famous star athletes earn millions every year. This is not the case with all the athletes or all the sports. Whether you’re a fan of some less popular sport like water polo or rowing, for example, or bowling, you should probably know that professional rowers do not make as much money as NBA or football stars.

Can you earn a lot as a professional rower?

Professional Rower Supplementary Income

Before we get to actual rowing, we should tackle the possibility of supplementary income. Since rowing is not as popular of a sport as football or baseball are, it gets less sponsors and money in general.

There are some rowers who want to try their luck – those are the ones who are usually not too concerned if they end up losing money. Real estate, the stock market, occasional gambling, even, are some of the things they use to try and supplement their income quickly. Online casinos are probably the easiest and most frequently used solution. There are even promotional codes such as this online voucher code Cherry Casino that gives free money with the first deposit if the other terms of service such as minimal odds are met.

Professional Rower – Athlete

When you’re a professional rower, you still have to put in the hard work every other athlete does, but risk getting a smaller salary. To make things more realistic, here is a story of a professional rower who won a gold Olympic medal, yet failed to get his own mortgage for an apartment in the UK.

Will Satch won a gold medal in rowing at the Olympic games in 2016 and had to get his mom’s name on the house mortgage and papers. He wasn’t able to get a loan due to his salary being classified as a performance-based salary instead of a traditional one. Even with a salary of 28,000 pounds and a deposit of 49,000 pounds, the banks did not want to give him a loan for a 190,000-pound apartment.

Instead, he had to use his mom’s name, on both the mortgage and the deed. Not only that but since it is his mom’s second property, he had to pay 3% extra, which amounted to 7,000 pounds. The second problem came from the fact that the bank gave the loan to his mother but only until the age of 70. That means that Will has a lot of money to pay every year for the next 14 years, and with a rather small salary for a professional, gold-winning athlete.

Professional rowers do not earn a lot of money, so looking at other sports or other ways of gaining income is recommended.

3 Tips You Need To Know Before You Take Up Rowing

Rowing is unarguably one of the most gruelling sports you can imagine. The indefatigable effort rows put to propel the boat, commonly referred to as the shell, makes you wonder why someone would want to do that to himself in the first place. The most likely reason is that the competitive spirit and teamwork you see in rowing are unique, and the appeal the sport inadvertently has is intoxicating. We will try to give you some tips on what you need to know before embarking on this voyage.

Be Prepared To Put In The Work

One might think that rowing is merely about taking the oars in your hand and trying to push the water away, but that is not entirely true. Rowing includes a set of complex motions that require your full body sync to give the best results. For starters, you need to master the movement of the body and how to position yourself in the shaft. This is followed by learning how to paddle correctly, essential to propelling the boat the fastest way possible.

Going to the gym and working out is of utmost importance. It is a common misconception that rowers have only their upper bodies developed. Most of the work is done with the help of your lower body and legs. The rowing movement includes sliding in the boat seat and pushing yourself away from the boat, so to say, and that is why having strong legs and lower body is crucial.

Rowing Is A Sport

Although sculling represents a rowing discipline where only one person is paddling in the boat, most disciplines in rowing require teamwork and participation. You should be prepared to work in sync with others and find your place where you could make the most significant contribution. Races, such as the eight-oar or six-oar ones, require each boat to have a particular member, called the coxswain. This person is in charge of keeping the rhythm of paddling and steering the shaft straight.

Be Patient And Ready To Perform At A Given Moment

Success in rowing does not come overnight, and anyone who thinks of rowing should be prepared to work restlessly and patiently towards the goal. What everything boils down to in rowing is that short sequence where all the hard work and dedication needs to come to the surface and where, when it comes to crunch time, you simply cannot choke. This can put a lot of pressure on the individual, but all great things come with a price.

Top four online water sports games

If you are a sports fan and enjoy playing sports-themed games online, you are in luck. These days you can find almost any sports game on the Internet.

There are many websites offering sports-themed casino games, such as slots, so you can both enjoy your favorite sport and have a fun gaming experience at the same time. Many people use the Winner Casino promo code to play these sports games on the Winner Casino website.

When it comes to water sports, here are the four most popular games you can play online.

Speedboat Racing

The aim of this exciting speedboat game is to win the race on amazing rivers all the while competing with fellow speedboat racers. Many sharp turns and rough waters along the way make this game incredibly exciting. If you win a race, you get to unlock amazing new boats and thrilling tracks. Using plenty of ramps along the way adds to the excitement, and so does collecting plenty of power-ups which help you boost your speed.

White Water Rush

If you are a kayaking fan, look no further. This game features cool and incredibly smooth graphics and your sailing skills will be put to the test on these fantastic white waters. Those who are into challenging currents and fighting against the waves are going to love this game. Part of the excitement that this game has to offer is the possibility to play against AI players, or even up to three other players who are online at the same time.

You will have a great time steering your kayak and boosting your speed, but be careful to do the latter rather sparingly because your boost supply is limited.  You can get a serious advantage against your opponents by playing your cards right and picking up power-ups along the way which are going to boost your speed and give you a significant edge.

Watercraft Rush

If speeding across the sea on a jet ski is how you like to spend your time, you are going to love this online game offering just the same! This action-packed racing game will take you across wonderful blue waters in the sizzling sun, but be careful not to get too distracted because each race has a time limit. You are going to enjoy gliding across the water at insane speeds, making sure to avoid plenty of the obstacles on the way which are there to spice things up a little. There are three worlds that you can play in and plenty of speedboats on the way to slow you down.

Water Scooter Mania 2

The success of the original Water Scooter Mania prompted the developers at Studd Games to create its sequel. Now you can choose the type of water scooter model that suits you best before the beginning of the game, and then proceed to race across plenty of new, thrilling tracks. This fantastic 3D game offers impeccable graphics which are out of this world, improved effects quality and amazing handling controls. To get an advantage over your opponents, you need to make your turns carefully and not forget to use your nitro boost.

Blockchain Technology – Will it Affect Rowing?

Rowing is a sport which, as any other sport, is affected by the changes in technology. Primarily speaking, as technology advances, so do the possibilities of using it. Whether profit or marketing or brand building, establishing a fan base and communicating with them, it definitely becomes easier with technology.

Blockchain technology and its latest boom involves a lot of sports, but more specifically bookmakers. Various online bookmakers brag with layer of added security and the safety of your data and card. With the use of cryptocurrencies, however, you would get a decentralized and safe environment, both for your money and your data. Nothing could be accessed without a lot of computing power.

A good example of an online bookmaker who benefited from the blockchain rise is FansUnite social sportsbook.

Will this change in technology affect rowing? Absolutely, but that effect will not be limited to rowing, only. Here is how sports will be affected by the rise of cryptocurrencies.

The Safety of Data

The essentials of a blockchain mean that any data stored in a ledger would have to be approved first. Seeing how it is stored in a network, a decentralized one, at that, and not on just one or two servers, it means that it would be much safer. Servers are more likely to lose data than an entire network, but that is not the only reason for the existence of better security features.

Given how everything is in a network, a decentralized system, hacking a ledger and changing data in a blockchain is next to impossible. On a theoretical level, it is possible but would require tremendous amounts of computing power. In practice, that is highly unlikely to happen.

This benefits any sport as sensitive data can easily be stored and accessed when necessary and if approved by those authorized to access the data.

This also means that records related to health and doping tests of athletes would also be included, yet the sender would never be compromised. This is both good for protecting the clean athletes and exposing those who cross the line.

Data Crunching and Statistics

Statistics are an essential part of sports, especially sports betting. Any and all data gathered on a player or team is beneficial to the bettor. Likewise, the upcoming athletes could use the data behind a professional’s training schedule or eating and sleeping habits. All of those things could easily be organized with using blockchain technology.

Additionally, sensitive data like results and race statistics could directly be uploaded to a ledger if they pass certain checks like whether the data was taken by a verified device. This also means less opportunities to alter the data.

Betting – A Bookmaker’s Dream

Many online bookmakers accept Bitcoin today. That is not the same as having your entire site and deposit/withdrawal system handled by a blockchain. The blockchain would make transactions much safer and your data as a punter, much safer. Your money would also be quite safe, no doubt about that.

There are a couple of startups and projects aiming to implement blockchain technology and use it to its fullest potential, adding more security and knowing that your transactions would be safe, as well as all of your data.

All of these are things that are yet to be implemented fully and injected into the world of sports. Sports are probably the slowest to adapt the blockchain technology and use it as one of the standards or have it primarily take over as the main method of storing data.

Sports in general, will likely be changed a bit in the years to come.