The Best Countries in the World in Rowing

Niche sports which are not as popular as mainstream ones, such as rowing, for example, never get as much attention from the media. Well, they do not, until the Olympic Games. Then, all the niche sports get much more attention. International tournaments, such as the World Rowing Championships also get lots of attention. During those international tournaments, such as the WRC or the Olympic Games, even sports like rowing get attention, from both the regular crowd and the bookmakers. To promote their new sports, which are usually unavailable, bookmakers have promotions and entice punters. But once the tournaments are over, only a few bookmaker will offer betting on such a sport.

However, fans still love rowing, but for those who are only getting into rowing, one might wonder which countries in the world are the best at it?


Italy is one of the best countries when it comes to rowing. They have plenty of lakes, not to mention two seas which surround their entire country. Lake Como, for example, is a very, very popular rowing spot, one where plenty of races take place. Italians are passionate about rowing, though not as much as they are about football, understandably so.

The United States

Over the past hundred years, the United States have earned 89 medals at the Summer Olympic Games. That is a lot of medals. There are plenty of races in the US, some of the most notable ones are on the river Charles in Massachusetts. The United States keep showing up at almost every Olympic Games when it comes to rowing.

Great Britain

Great Britain, or the UK, also has a lot of medals, 69 of them. They are one of the most competitive nations in rowing. They have plenty of rivers, like the river Thames, famous for hosting one of the most prestigious rowing events, the Henley Royal Regatta. Other than that, the entire country is full of rivers and lakes, they even have a Lake District, which is a lot of lakes and rivers really close to one another.


Germany currently has 51 medals. This is a lot, but, if you look at the past, while Germany was divided into East and West Germany, they would have been at the top of the table, with 113 medals. East Germany was highly competitive and has 48 medals, while West Germany has 14. If you combine all of those medals, then Germany would definitely be the best country when it comes to rowing.


Romania is very interesting, because while having less medals than some of the top competitors, sitting at 39, which is the 8th place in total medals, they have the most medals per single athlete. In the first top ten multi medalist list, 5 of those are Romanian, and three are in the top 4, the first one having 8 medals, 5 of them gold ones.

These are the best countries in the world in rowing.