The Biggest Rowing Events in 2019

Every new year brings about a ton of events and tournaments. Some events are more popular than others, for example the UEFA Champions League, often getting the most viewers, at least in Europe. Other events are less popular, but still have a very demanding and passionate audience. Rowing is also a sport, one of the Olympic sports and it has its own fair share of events, some of which are scheduled for 2019.

Fans of rowing are looking forward to these events, as well as bookmakers. Bookmakers love major events in almost any sport, as they earn money. During those times, they often have bonus codes or other promotional offers, such as these Bet9ja offers. International events are the biggest attraction, in rowing and other sports.

Here are the rowing events to look forward to in 2019.

2019 World Rowing Cup

The World Rowing Cup is a very different event to the World Championship. Oh, they are held annually, yet they are held in different parts of the season.

The World Rowing Cup is a regatta which is split into three distinct events. Each of the three events is held at a different place and time. The events will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, then Poznan, Poland and finally, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The World Rowing Cup gets each of the first 7 places a certain number of points. At the end of all three regattas, the country with the most points is crowned the World Rowing Cup champion. This style is similar to what cycling Grand Tours are like, where points are scored over time, and not just for a single event and participation.

Speaking of events, or in this case, disciplines, there are at least 14 Olympic rowing classes and a couple of international ones, as well.

2019 World Rowing Championships

If the Rowing Cup regattas are well-known, then the Championships are a step above. The Championships take place at the end of the season and represent the highest level of international rowing competition.

It is an event which lasts over eight days and is progressive. This means that rowers will progress to the finals, with sufficient rest between classes. It is notable that the event excludes Olympic classes during the Olympic year, leaving only international rowing classes. It is still the most popular rowing event in the world, other than the Olympic Games. In 2019, it will take place in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria.

2019 World Rowing Junior Championships

It is an annual event, just like the two above, but it is only for people who are under or have 18 years. It is also a progressive event, starting from heats, then leading up to the finals. The event is combined with the World Rowing Championships during the Olympic years. It consists of 13 boat classes. In 2019, the host of this event will be Tokyo, Japan.

2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships

This event is also held annually, usually near a coast. It has no lanes and specific coastal boats are raced in a triangle, rectangle or pentagon course. In order to navigate the boats, buoys are used, understandably so. This event usually takes place in October, and in 2019 it will be held in Hong Kong, China.

These are the most popular rowing events, or rather, the ones to look forward to in 2019.