Should Water Sports Become Daily Fantasy Sports?

People betting on sports often find themselves playing fantasy sports, where you get to manage and create your own team, using the funds you are given, virtual funds, of course. Then, you have the daily fantasy sports, which are a form of competition, an accelerated version of fantasy sports where you still have a certain amount of money and score points based on the players’ performance in real life.

But, the competitions last for a week or sometimes a single day. They are competitions because people earn money by playing, usually because there are entry fees involved. Sportsbooks, especially online sportsbooks, often organize these events. They frequently offer fantasy sports promo codes, to get people to join their ranks and look at the other sports they are offering, some traditional sports betting.

Many people think that water sports should become a daily fantasy sport. There are both arguments for and against this.

Water Sports are Actually Popular

Countries that have ocean and sea access are often the ones which practice water sports. That is a lot of countries, and some of the are really good at water sports, most often the island countries. These countries would benefit from water sports becoming daily fantasy sport as many more people would start playing. This would also benefit the people of other countries, where water sports are not as popular, or are considered niche, but which still have passionate fan bases.

Water Sports Competitions are Entertaining

Water sports competitions and tournaments usually have different events and different disciplines, whether swimming or kayaking or even windsurfing, not to mention boat races. What this means is that there are plenty of things to use in daily fantasy sports, as there will be many disciplines and styles of water sports, not to mention competitors and things which can earn people points.

Even though there are some valid reasons as to why water sports shouldn’t be included as daily fantasy sports.

There are Too Many Water Sports

This is true, that there are far too many water sports and adding one as a daily sport would mean having to add others, as the sportsbook offering that single sport would probably get a backlash from the community. But, if you want to add so many sports, you would have to organize and regulate them all and that would mean investing a lot of time and money and most likely ending up losing money due to such a small target audience.

There are plenty of reasons why water sports should be included as daily fantasy sports and a couple which state otherwise. Whether they will be included remains to be seen and time can only tell.