Can you Make a Lot of Money as a Professional Rower?

Professional sports can earn people money, as we know by now, watching many famous star athletes earn millions every year. This is not the case with all the athletes or all the sports. Whether you’re a fan of some less popular sport like water polo or rowing, for example, or bowling, you should probably know that professional rowers do not make as much money as NBA or football stars.

Can you earn a lot as a professional rower?

Professional Rower Supplementary Income

Before we get to actual rowing, we should tackle the possibility of supplementary income. Since rowing is not as popular of a sport as football or baseball are, it gets less sponsors and money in general.

There are some rowers who want to try their luck – those are the ones who are usually not too concerned if they end up losing money. Real estate, the stock market, occasional gambling, even, are some of the things they use to try and supplement their income quickly. Online casinos are probably the easiest and most frequently used solution. There are even promotional codes such as this online voucher code Cherry Casino that gives free money with the first deposit if the other terms of service such as minimal odds are met.

Professional Rower – Athlete

When you’re a professional rower, you still have to put in the hard work every other athlete does, but risk getting a smaller salary. To make things more realistic, here is a story of a professional rower who won a gold Olympic medal, yet failed to get his own mortgage for an apartment in the UK.

Will Satch won a gold medal in rowing at the Olympic games in 2016 and had to get his mom’s name on the house mortgage and papers. He wasn’t able to get a loan due to his salary being classified as a performance-based salary instead of a traditional one. Even with a salary of 28,000 pounds and a deposit of 49,000 pounds, the banks did not want to give him a loan for a 190,000-pound apartment.

Instead, he had to use his mom’s name, on both the mortgage and the deed. Not only that but since it is his mom’s second property, he had to pay 3% extra, which amounted to 7,000 pounds. The second problem came from the fact that the bank gave the loan to his mother but only until the age of 70. That means that Will has a lot of money to pay every year for the next 14 years, and with a rather small salary for a professional, gold-winning athlete.

Professional rowers do not earn a lot of money, so looking at other sports or other ways of gaining income is recommended.