Top Five Rowing Apps For Practice And Entertainment

For all of you who are rowing enthusiasts or rowing competitors, it becomes quite boring once the season is over. There are rowing tanks which are used for practice, however, they are available only for rowers. Those who just enjoy watching rowing competitions have to put off their enjoyment until the next season. Or do they? With the modern technology, many useful apps appeared on the Internet specialized for rowing. Among the various crazy apps out there, there are many useful apps for all of you who like indoor rowing, who are rowing enthusiasts or professional rowers. So, use the digital tools offered to you by the modern technology and explore the rowing apps that suit all you and your needs.

We will present to you top five rowing apps for practice and entertainment in the following paragraphs and we hope you will like them.

LiveRowing App

LiveRowing app is an app with a social factor. You track your workout sessions, your performance and you can compete with our friends and other users online if you want to. Since it connects via cable to the Concept2 monitors, it receives all the necessary data throughout the workout. Install it and try it on!

Rowing SPM

Rowing SPM measures stroke rates. This app which is available on Apple Store only is a stroke counter. You Tap the Stroke button and the app will show you the average stroke rate and the current stroke rate. If you need to count your strokes, try Rowing SPM.

Rowing Calculator

If you need to calculate your distance, time or split you can use Rowing Calculator. Once you have measured your values, you can compare your scores to the world record holders. This will keep you motivated and in a competitive spirit.

Boat Coach

Boat Coach is a free Android app which tracks date through the Concept2 monitor. Concept2 connectivity is very useful and when it comes to indoor rowing gear it has become a standard of sorts. Boat Coach app allows you to manage your workouts, to set them up, to do the training whenever you want to. It is very useful, even though some consider it to be outdated. Try it on and share your personal experience!

Rowing In Motion

Rowing In Motion App measures your performance whether you are a rower or a coach. With this app, you can track real-time speed, stroke rates, acceleration. Everything on your tablet or smartphone and for free. This analytic system app is very useful if you decide to try it. So try it out and tell us about your experience!

These were the top five rowing apps we recommended! Try them out and tell us what you think!