Brief Guide to Betting on Rowing

Sports enthusiasts from the USA have reason to rejoice, as online betting has become legal in several states across the country. As the epicenter of legal sports betting in the US, New Jersey will be home to the first online casinos, such as 888Sport New Jersey, which will launch soon and will have appealing offers for new customers.

Betting fans will be able to wager on almost any kind of sport, including rowing. Even though it’s not as popular as, let’s say, football, rowing still has a huge following considering it’s one of the oldest sports at the Olympic Games.

Betting on rowing is especially popular among bettors in Europe, but US gamblers are slowly warming up to it as well. The most important event rowing fans can bet on is the Summer Olympic games, but bookmakers also offer betting odds for other popular races like the World and European Championships. However, it would be a lie to say that the number of bets is high; the truth is bookmakers limit themselves to the events mentioned above.

How to bet on rowing

As for any other sport, first of all you have to create an account with the bookmaker of your choice, make a deposit and search for the rowing category in the options menu. If you are a seasoned bettor, you already know the drill, so we won’t dwell on this.

What we do want to mention are some tips that could help you improve your betting strategy. The most important thing you should take into account before making bets on rowing is that you have to do some research and gain some knowledge on the squad of rowers that take part in an event.

The aspects you should look out for include the current form of the athletes, statistics, age, the kind of training they’ve been doing and the team’s objectives. Then, you should pay attention to the competition type, as the more prestigious the competition, the bigger the prize pool and the higher the rowers’ motivation.  

Another aspect worth taking into consideration is the atmosphere in the team, how sportsmen are getting along, as rowing is a sport that requires cooperation and any tension inside the team might affect their performance.

Types of bets on rowing

The most popular are the bets on the winner, and punters have to accurately pick the rowers or the team that will win a certain race or the whole competition.  

Bets 1-3 is another type of rowing bet in which punters have to predict the athletes that will end up on the first three places, irrespective of the order.

H2H bets are those in which the bookmakers ask bettors to guess the rowers or squads that will rank higher in the classification.