Top Five Parts of Necessary Rowing Equipment for Beginners

Since its first appearance in Ancient Egypt, rowing has become more and more popular. It is a very difficult sport that includes a lot of effort and coordination. However, this makes it even more interesting to watch and participate in.

For those who are rowing enthusiasts, the rowing gear necessary for successful rowing comes as no surprise. However, for those who start rowing for the first time, it is necessary to get informed on the rowing equipment to prevent any unexpected situations and incidents.

In the following paragraphs, we will present the necessary gear for competitive and recreational rowing.


The first thing necessary for successful rowing is the specially designed boat. This rowing boat is designed in a way to reduce the drag to a minimum level and to make the boat run faster. A fin is usually connected towards the rear, as well. Depending on the number of rowing players or according to the position of coxswain there are different kinds of rowing boats. Some rowing boats can have up to 8 rowers on a boat, while some have just one. In addition, there are rowing boats with a coxswain and those without it. There are many types of rowing boats, for example, sculling types of boats, queeps, troops and coxed troops, and many others. So before you start rowing, get a boat.


Oars are essential for rowing. You can not move the boat without oars. You use the oars to push them against the water and thus move the boat. Oars vary in size and depend on the type of the boat itself. They have a flat surface and finish in the end. The end of the oar which goes into the water is called the spoon. The spoon is usually painted in the colors of a rowing club and it can vary in shape depending on the type of boat.


Not all boats have fixed seats. While some have it, others have the so-called sliding seats. Sliding seats are very useful because they can move backward and forwards in order to enable rowers greater movement.

Riggers are located at each side of the seat. Their task is to support the pivot to hold the oar out from the side of the boat.


Some boats have coxes’ seat while others do not. Coxes’ seat is placed either in the front of the boat or in the back of the boat with the purpose to instruct the crew and look out for the potential dangers.


The artificial tank that mimics the actual rowing tournament conditions is called the rowing tank. For the competitive rowers, it is important to prepare and practice. For that reason, they use rowing tanks to get the feeling of the stream of the water before the season of tournaments. In addition, these rowing tanks are also very important for beginners because beginner rowers are trained in the rowing tanks. Get yourself a rowing tank to prepare better.


Rowing boats have fixed shoes. The purpose of these fixed shoes is to provide a firm and stable base for rowing. Rowers attach their feet to the boat by putting their feet inside those shoes which helps them compete better.