Rowing and All Its Good Sides

Rowing is a sport that dates back from Ancient Egypt. It is a sport where we use oars pushed against the water in order to move the boat. It is a very difficult sport that requires strength and stamina as long as high concentration and good organization. Rowing can be done with one person only or in a pair. Many people do rowing in a team of four, six or even eight. Whatever you like it is good for you and your health. Lots of teamwork is required lots of strength and exercise. However, nothing can replace the adrenaline you feel while rowing.

For those who have never crossed their path with rowing, it is very difficult to imagine why rowing is good and why they should take up rowing. Many of them say that is is a sport where you use only your hands and if you want to just use your hands. However, this is a wrong opinion. It is a sport where you use all your muscles and you need your whole strength. Just think about it, the aim is to move a boat with you inside it. For that reason, in the following paragraphs, we will explore the benefits of rowing and what you need to start up rowing.



When it comes to sport, the first benefit we talk about is always the health benefit. Nothing is more important than health, especially when we think about the modern times we live in when we do not have the time for any healthy activity. Rowing is a sport that uses all your muscles. Your feet are fixed in the shoes attached to the boat, however, your legs can move. They need to be the strong base for the other parts of your body. In addition, while you move your arms, you move your waists as well. Your whole body needs to work in order for you to move the boat and compete. A lot of strength is needed for rowing, and the more strength we use and the more practice we have, the better health we get.


Working in a team has many benefits for our mental health. Firstly, it is very difficult to work with people, each of the people in a team is different with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It needs a lot of tolerance, appreciation, and respect to be able to work for the same goal with all these people. While rowing you learn how to get along with various people in order to reach for the goal. In addition, you build confidence. You become more mature and you learn how to rely on others and how to let others rely on you. Rowing builds character where nothing matters. The only thing that matters is to reach the goal.


Go to a rowing club, listen to their instructions and get the necessary equipment. Be patient and tolerant and relax, you will enjoy every single moment of it.